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This site is designed to help flatten the worry curve while we go through Corona. 

How? By giving you a regular dose of Vitamin C-omfort: uplifting good news, cheerful humor, and fun activities that you can enjoy from the safety of your home. 


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To calm your nerves even further, visit our sister site, ViralCalm.com, filled with comforting resources: calming music, activities for kids, meditations, professional advice, ideas for how to help, and more.

about me

I am a quarantined freelance web designer looking to make the world a brighter place. I created makebydaybright.com, and a sister site, viralcalm.com to contribute my skills towards helping people during these scary times. This is a labor of love. I'm not making money through these two sites.  Rather, I hope to help flatten the worry curve so all of us can better cope, heal, and see the best in humanity.


I welcome your feedback. You can email me at shosh@positiveseven.com

- Shoshana, USA


a dose of vitamin C-omfort

For comforting videos, distractions, tools, and more, see our sister site. Be sure to follow and like @makemydaybright on Facebook and Instagram.  

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